As a PECN Licensed operator we are able to offer both geographic (0207 etc.) and non-geographic (08 etc.) UK access numbers and a range of European and International access numbers via our many established interconnect agreements.


With our own in-house development team we have built up an extensive library of call handling routines which we manage to combine to create unique and personalised applications for our customers. These applications can vary from the relatively simple to much more complex IVR applications which may include some elements of intelligent call routing, call queuing, data capture, call recording etc….and the list goes on.

Our approach is simply to listen to the customer requirements then using our technical experience help and advise what potential solution would suit both them create a user friendly application for their own customers.

We offer a range of standard telephony services for the large and small business sector and right down to the individual who just wants to save money on their international calls through our brand Call2Call! Our highly experienced in-house development team are also on hand for any bespoke application requirements that don’t fit in the box.